Red Boot Sessions

by Havilah

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These are first take recordings of five new songs I wrote in the fall of 2011. Just me and my guitar on a lazy Sunday morning. Hope you enjoy.


released November 11, 2011

Billy Masters - Engineer
Brooke Barber - Photo



all rights reserved


Havilah Austin, Texas

Austin singer songwriter Havilah Rand's rich melodic blues oriented brand of Americana will sweep you off your feet and break your heart at the same time. Her latest release "A High Wave" is born of adventure, self exploration and artistry at its most poignant. Be sure to experience this passionate troubadour live and recorded as you are sure to be moved and overjoyed. ... more

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Track Name: Disney City
Disney City
by Havilah Rand
copywrite 2011

The city feels like Disney in a business suit
and Wall Street is crawling with the hippies
or so they say
everbodys lonely but they keep their headphones on

computer screens and mobile talk was there ever a time
when the phone on the wall would ring
and folks would just come over
could I borrow some sugar
for my cake

its alright to call this disaster a catastrophe
The damage is done
love has gone
terribly wrong
I miss everyone

the beach is much too hot we're all praying for rain
except in Seattle where its winter in July
out in the bay
we all watch and pray
for the whale that might die

and true romance is a secret that got misconstrued
when too many people wrote and talked and tweeted about it
now all we can see
are a thousand missed opportunities


someday I'm gonna look at someone and say
you're one in a million to me
my heart is unlocked
I am finally free
Track Name: Crazy Alone
Crazy Alone
by Havilah Rand
copywrite 2011

Left my shoes by the door
tiptoe cross the floor
even though there's nobody nobody home
and I talk to myself say my own name right out loud
so i've got some company even when I'm all alone

you can call me crazy
and I might just prove you right
dont undermine the strange in my eyes
it'll keep you guessin all day
and runnin for the rest of your life

left my hand in the air waving to your backheaded stare
and I know that you wont turn around
all the words in my throat are the sweetest small birds
they will cry without making a sound..


If you could look in my heart shine a light through that dark
you'd see a flame just waiting on a spark
if could look through my eyes and climb through my skin
you'd feel all of the beautiful that I've every been

Track Name: Tumbleweed
By Havilah Rand
Copywrite 2011

I’m a tumbleweed
from the mountains through the desert to this city
Runnin away from home
Towards a mirage of open arms stretchin out to me
Blindsided I can’t say
It took me by surprise
Diving headlong headfirst
to my heart’s demise

I am Jonah
Swallowed by the whale
With bated breath waiting for the inhale
When that wave comes rushin in
I’ll let everything go
All the way
To the horizon

I’m where the wild things are
I’m a purple yellow flower in a cornfield
I’d give you anything just to see that look of love
and know it’s for real

Stargazing moonhanging
If I’d just let go
I know I would fly
But I hold on to this abyss
and all that’s to be discovered
in this emptiness

Track Name: To Be Seen
To Be Seen
By Havilah Rand
copywrite 2011

Fires are raging and storms are moving in
couldn't stand another day I'm on the road again
End times chase us down every century
good times are far behind seems like the hard times never leave

My heart is aching to the marrow of bones
all I ever wanted was to find my way back home
fly away to the mountains and roll down thru the valley
am I running away or am I finally free

I can hear you calling across the burning sea
I can feel you watch me the way I've always wanted to be seen
I can you hear you singing me all the way back to the beginning

there is something crawling in the bottom of my soul
digging deep don't seem to get me anything but all alone
your eyes land in mine and there is nowhere to hide
take me in show me the way to the other side

I can hear you calling across the burning sea
I can feel you watch me the way I've always wanted to be seen
I can you hear you singing me all the way back to the beginning